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CMSMasters Studio is a team of professionals. Every member of our team has spent many hours polishing professional skills and earning a unique experience in the spheres of website design,  wordpress development, technical support etc. We enjoy  the process of creating a theme from its start to its end - from a sparkling design idea, all the way through coding, programming, testing, to the very release, and then still on and on, providing our customers with superior support and guidance. 

Cmsmasters themes are produced by professionals for both professionals and amateurs  to help either experienced users save their time building great websites, as well as inspire those who are new to wordpress world with the explicit simplicity of the intuitive to use interface.

Our Team Leaders

Malcolm Subatch

Quality Specialist

Professional implementation and quality control

Jack Simmons

Chief Engineer

Innovative technologies and effective solutions

Paul Shepherd

Dashboard Operator

Precision in details.

Michael Linden

Team leader

Best practices and skilled implementation.


Breakthrough technology

Visual Content Composer

Drag’n’drop content parts across your page with a handy visual Content Composer, as well as easily edit their appearance, insert featured blocks, sliders, tables, various media etc. with one click. Create your custom pre-saved layout templates to use them over and over again. It is intuitive to use even for an amateur.

Shortcodes and widgets

Cmsmasters' Custom WordPress theme admin panel includes a Super Extended Shortcodes pack for sophisticated content formatting and improved presentation. A wide collection of useful widgets allow you to improve your website’s interaction with visitors, bringing its functionality to a new level.

2 Slider Plugins Inside

Our themes come with two really popular slider plugins - a Layer Slider and a Revolution Slider, already styled to fit the theme design perfectly . Create multiple sliders with an unlimited amount of animated slides and locate them anywhere on any page of your website.  


Power 92%
Flexibility 64%
Customization 87%
Technology 75%
Innovation 82%